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Looking For A Fractional CMO?

Our mission is to help companies and digital marketers succeed.

Searching For A Reliable and Driven CMO?

If you are searching for a fractional CMO, our CEO Tyler DeWitt is now taking on remote based fractional CMO jobs. Tyler can meet in person too periodically depending the on contract size. Tyler is also extremely selective on who he works with.

Tyler will hold your team accountable and get the flywheel turning. This way, when his work is done let’s say after 6 to 12 months. Your team will be more independent and respond in greater depth with less supervision.

Tyler will work with your team day by day using all cloud-based tools. Tyler usually uses Asana to manage all remote staff. Tyler also uses Skype, Worksnaps, Upwork, BasecampHQ, Slack and various others. 

Learn more about Tyler’s proven track record of success below. 

Case Studies By Tyler DeWitt

Tyler DeWitt's Digital Marketing Story

Tyler DeWitt

Since 2004, Tyler and his team of experts have helped clients achieve top rankings for some of the most competitive keywords in their respective markets (such as printing services, insurance quotes, and many more).

In addition to search engine optimization (SEO), Tyler has also helped clients increase their pay per click (PPC) revenues by as high as 1,900% while maintaining a solid and remarkable return of investment (ROI) – an increase of 300% to 400%.

Tyler has owned numerous online product-based websites garnering in over six figures a month. He was one of’s top partners, managing all of their digital channels as a partner, such as: SEO, PPC, email marketing, display ads, etc.

A personal endeavor, Tyler had his team develop a unique line of online supplements. He had his team do the design work for the websites, labeling, programming, and more. Once the team finalized the products, they utilized numerous SEO strategies.

Eventually, the supplement sales skyrocketed due to the return from SEO, allowing Tyler and his team to scale into other areas online. He had a variety of affiliate networks  promoting his products, such as Crush Ads, Epic Advertising, Click Booth and many others.

He also had his team deploy an Enterprise email system through MailerQ and Power MTA, resulting in over 200,000+ consumers a day. This allowed Tyler’s team to further increase ROI through cross selling, upselling, and educating existing consumers on new offers and discounts.

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