About Us

Our CORE Values

We are honest and committed to doing what is best for our clients. We want our clients to succeed in the market no matter what. We focus on solutions that work and that are up to date in the current market. 

We believe in quality from start to finish. Quality is the key to long term success in the fast growing digital age. We want our clients to have long term success vs. offering services that do not scale long term. 

We are creative thinkers. To be successful online, we realize we must be able to think ahead and not only ahead, but focusing on new solutions that will resolve current problems. 

We are persistent and thrive to be better and better for our clients. We are constantly providing our clients with feedback that will help better their brand. This allows our clients to excel in the digital age. 

We believe in building relationships, not only new ones, but with our existing clients. We maintain and build relationships through offering high quality services that scale long term. 

We believe in being relentless internally and for our clients. We are constantly seeking out new solutions for existing market setbacks.  

We are dedicated to our clients campaigns from start to finish. We believe in performance from start to finish. This cannot be done without a dedicated team that truly has the right skills for the particular job being assigned.

We believe in efficiency for our clients. We believe in high performance. For a brand to compete in a competitive market. They need to be backed by a company that approaches every situation with full efficiency. 

We believe in educating companies free of charge through speaking engagements. Where we are focused on helping other companies succeed online through in person training or speaking events. 

We believe in compliance by doing the right thing. Staying compliant with all ad networks and search engines is what brings long term success. Compliance is the key when it comes to scaling a business at large. 

Our Philosophy

DeWitt’s Media specializes in online digital marketing. We focus our main efforts on building out proprietary strategies. Our success in the expansion of the brands market is based upon our “thinking outside the box” model. 

We never approach the market of any of our clients with the mindset of “you must do this because your competitors are.” We focus all our efforts into approaching your market in a more creative way. To be better, we must be better. 

Our Candidates

A large portion of our work is handled through telecommunication. We hire candidates all over the United States and are able to find more talented candidates by operating in this manner. This method also allows us to be more competitive with the candidates we hire. We also hire local candidates, but are open to work with remote full time employees as well

About the President & CEO

Tyler Dewitt is the President and CEO of DeWitt’s Media. His expertise and background in hiring and managing various projects within the digital world have tremendously help various brands. His belief in only hiring the best out of all the potential candidates results in helping brands achieve explosive results.

In 2008 DeWitt’s Media achieved the status of top performer for a well known brand which was Insurance.com. The company was very impressed with the traffic and leads Tyler’s company generated through various partners programs. The leads were so qualified the company began to generate a closing rate of eight to twelve percent. This helped them expand their consumer base with nothing but qualified consumers.

Tyler and a client successfully created two advertising campaigns that generated over a million dollars worth in leads in just a one year period. He managed this task by approaching the market more creatively. In other words implementing new strategies through testing no one else was conducting.

Tyler believes generating a million dollars in a one year period is not a lot. On the other hand it is a lot when this part of your business has no need for employees or overhead but is strictly passive income. The income was so explosive that it sometimes peaked around $40,000 in profits some month

Tyler from DeWitt Media is the professional you want in your link building team. Faster, accurate, Honest and the most important - Delivers

Elchanan Rotstain

  President & CEO of Search3W

Our experience with Dewitts Media has been excellent and we highly recommend them. Just after a few months of consulting work with Dewitt Media we began to rise in search engine placement and our traffic grew exponentially. Dewitts Media really does know the secrets of the SEO industry and we will continue to confide in their expertise every step of the way.

Neal Sumlin

  President & CEO of Area Printing & Design

Dewitt's worked closely with our unique needs to increase auto insurance quotes and sales through PPC and organic search engine optimization and exceeded my expectations!

Cesar Diaz

  President & CEO of Online Auto Insurance

Tyler from DeWitt Media is the professional you want in your link building team. Faster, accurate, Honest and the most important - Delivers

Elchanan Rotstain

  President & CEO of Search3W

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