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Tyler DeWitt is the President of DeWitt’s Media, Inc. 

Tyler’s success at helping clients scale has resulted in numerous speaking engagements.

Tyler is passionate about helping companies scale out.

Tyler’s entrepreneurial endeavors began when he was 19. Tyler struggled day and night to make ends meet. Tyler had rent due among other things. Despite this, Tyler had the burning desire to succeed.

Tyler’s first website resulted in closing a deal with largest reseller of Hallmark Ornaments. This gave Tyler the opportunity to scale into bigger opportunities.

Tyler and his team of experts have helped clients rank for keywords as competitive as auto insurance quotes, printing services, and more.

Tyler has also helped clients increase their pay per click (PPC) revenues by as high as 1,900% while maintaining a solid and remarkable return of investment (ROI) – an increase of 300% to 400% with ongoing growth.

Tyler was one of Insurance.com’s top partners, managing all of their digital channels as a partner, such as: SEO, PPC, email marketing, display ads, etc.

Tyler has owned numerous online product-based websites garnering in over six figures a month. Tyler has had peak campaigns hit $40K/MO in profit consistently.  

A personal endeavor, Tyler had his team develop a unique line of online supplements. He had his team do the design work for the websites, labeling, programming, and more. Once the team finalized the products, they utilized numerous digital marketing strategies.

Eventually, the supplement sales skyrocketed (about a 7000 percent growth) due to the return from digital marketing, allowing Tyler and his team to scale into other areas online.

Tyler had a variety of affiliate networks promoting his products, such as Crush Ads, Epic Advertising, and numerous others. Tyler’s top affiliate partners were producing $50,000 a month in sales, totaling to nearly $275,000 a month.

He also had his team deploy an Enterprise email system through MailerQ and Power MTA, resulting in nearly 200,000 consumers on a monthly bases. This allowed Tyler’s team to further increase ROI through cross-selling, upselling, and educating existing consumers on new offers and discounts.

Today, Tyler’s company is purely focused on helping national businesses succeed through digital marketing. 

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