Link Building Case Study: 264 Links In 6 Months Including EDU & GOV Links.

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Please Note: We cannot disclose the name of this client due to the fact that they work in the Public Records industry. This client also wanted to stay confidential. 

If you are interested in working with us using the strategy discussed in this case study, please request a consultation and we would be happy to develop a custom plan of you!

The Link Building Challenge:

When we took on this client, their goal was to boost their rankings in order to drive more search traffic. Considering that the client owned a public record site as an affiliate that was built out for affiliate offers, we quickly realized we had a challenge on our hands. Instead of relying on old-school and outdated methods of optimization, we chose to generate high-quality content for this client in an attempt to obtain significant quality backlinks overtime.

The Link Building Strategy:

Instead of optimizing what this client already had online, we created an educational resource hub from scratch and filled it with high-quality educational content. We did not pigeon-hole our content to fit specific keywords (which is an outdated way to approach SEO), and instead focused on producing share-worthy content on topics that both directly related and marginally related to what our client could offer. This allowed us to scale out our link building efforts and to seek backlinks on a variety of significant websites, including both .edu and .gov sites.

While our approach was creative, it was still fully in compliance with Google’s quality guidelines. Respecting Google’s quality guidelines is one of our core principles at DeWitt’s Media. Read more about our core values. Many SEO professionals make the mistake of creating sub-par content that directly relates to target keywords. While this may have worked once, this strategy will now devalue your site and lead to bad rankings. Instead, we aimed to boost hundreds of keywords with our content and as a result, we obtained an unprecedented amount of backlinks in a very short period of time which increased our client’s search results significantly.

The Link Building Results:

Our client saw a major boost in traffic very quickly. Around this same time, Google rolled out a core update where a lot of sites dropped out of the top 10. A lot of sites fell off of search engines, but thanks to our creative and forward-thinking approach, our client’s keywords shot up by over 300% during the core update. In addition, their domain authority and domain rating increased alongside their keyword rankings. Their organic traffic more than doubled.

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