Case Study: Insurance.com

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Additional Leads Per Month (Average)
1 %
Percent Conversion Rate (Average)
$ 1
Monthly Increase In Payouts (Average)

About Insurance.com

Insurance Marketing Case Study

Insurance.com establishes relationships with major auto insurance providers so that their customers don’t have to. Their research and relationships keep drivers in the know and helps them to communicate and sign up with the carrier that is right for them.

The Challenge:

Auto insurance is an extremely competitive market. In order to drive more leads to insurance.com, we had to elevate their message above the rest of the noise in advertising. We had to get insurance.com out in front of consumers and make sure that those consumers were paying attention. This was no easy feat, but with a little brainstorming we were able to come up with a scalable solution.

How Our Creative Thinking Got It Done:

Our first step was gratuitous research. We looked into which keywords consumers were searching with, how competitors were driving leads, which links were the most popular, and what type of content most effectively drove conversions. Armed with that research, our executive team sat down and brainstormed until we cracked the case. We had some of the best minds in digital marketing working on this challenge, and it didn’t take us long to come up with a four-pronged solution:

1) Build Additional Websites. We built and maintained overship of several new websites that all related to car insurance shopping. The idea here was to diversify the traffic streams. Instead of sending everyone straight to insurance.com, we sent them to our own sites and funneled those leads in to insurance.com through a CPA (cost per acquisition) partnership. We were able to try and measure different strategies concurrently. This lead to faster, more impactful results.

2) Pay Per Click Optimization. We also diversified our pay per click strategies by opening two accounts. By running two campaigns simultaneously we were able to dominate more of the top search result spots and ultimately drive more traffic to our owned sites. We revitalized and improved the quality scores under these PPC accounts and over a three month period saw drastic improvements.

3) Content Creation & Link Building. Content marketing is a powerful way to drive leads to your site. By creating high-quality, educational content that consumers were interested in, we were able to drive more leads to insurance.com through strategic backlinks.

4) Ongoing Consulting. We started this project really hands on, but once the marketing machine got rolling we were able to take a step back and watch the leads come in passively. Once everything was up and running we started holding monthly consulting sessions. These sessions served as a check-in and a way for us to suggest new keywords or strategies that may have become advantageous since our last meeting. We started out with monthly consulting sessions but eventually scaled back to quarterly.

The Results:

The results were truly outstanding. Our marketing efforts led to an additional 5000 + inbound leads for insurance.com every month at an unprecedented lead to policy conversion rate of 12%. When insurance.com converts a lead into a auto insurance policy they are not just making a one time sale, they are setting themselves up for recurring revenue as they get a share from the policies bought through Geico, Progressive, All State, and more. This massive influx of inbounds at such a high conversion rate had a significant impact on insurance.com’s bottom line. Without the creative thinking our team put in to solving this problem, insurance.com would still be battling their competitors for every single click and form fill. With our help, they were able to rise way above the competition.

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