Case Study: 264 Links In Under 6 Months Including EDU and GOV links

264 Total Links Build
Total EDU Links
Total GOV Links

This particular client was in the Public Records industry. Our client in this industry chose to remain confidential, but if you fill out our questionnaire we would be glad to share our strategies with you. We would love to help you too! 

The Challenge:

We had a client contact us that owned a public record sites as an affiliate. This client had one goal in mind. That was to obtain as many trusted links as possible. One major problem is that public record sites especially his website was built out for affiliate offers and only linking into affiliate offers. So we come to realize we definitely have to build out content. 

Our Think Outside The Box Strategy

Our strategy consist of setting up an educational resource hub. With then this hub we produced high quality content that educated consumers on various topics. We focused on building content that was on topic and even somewhat off topic. We used a really creative approach for the so called off topic content finding ways to plug it into the resource hub. This allowed us to really scale our link building efforts out. Our goal was not to aim for certain keywords as clearly this is the old fashion way of link building and is likely to get a site penalized. People that are usually aiming to rank direct keywords are in violation of Google quality guidelines. Instead we were focused on obtaining many high quality links that were placed by choice and not paid for. Our goal was to get several 100’s if not 1000’s of keywords boosted in the results. On top of this our client does not have to worry about penalties or being devalued by Google as we stayed compliant. Staying compliant is part of DeWitt’s Media, Inc core values as mentioned on our core values page. We aim for results that will continue to grow for years and years to come. 

The Results:

The results were incredible. Our client seen a major boost in his traffic with then about month 6. Google rolled out a core update, a lot of sites fell out of the search engines, but our client’s keywords (all keywords across the board) shot up by over 300+ percent. Our client’s domain authority and domain rating shot up too. In addition to this our client’s organic traffic more than doubled, based on his analytics his traffic shot up by 60 percent across the board. 

During the update, our client was shocked that he had an increase because a lot of people were complaining online that during the core update they lost their traffic. A lot of this had to do with building links that were not compliant, but we have been doing this for 15+ years. We have learned a lot of things the hard way, we focus on nothing, but compliance. 

For client privacy, we have blurred out his information, but if you are interested in becoming a client. We would be glad to walk you through the process and introduce you to the type of link building strategies that we can offer you.