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About Tyler DeWitt

Tyler DeWitt is the President and CEO of DeWitt's Media Inc

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Tyler DeWitt

Digital Marketing Story

Business takes guts.

This is a fundamental lesson I have learned in over more than fifteen years of being in business. When I started, I had about $1,700 and the persistence of a Viking.

I admit, it was a struggle day and night during the beginning. Rent was due and I had to survive.

Having come from a family that did not have much, I had no support. I quickly came to terms with the fact that I would be doing this all on my own.

Scary? Not when you have faith in yourself.

The thing is, I already had some of the experience I knew I would need. I taught myself programming and coding growing up. To compliment this knowledge, I decided to delve into the world of SEO and PPC.

Back then, I was a young entrepreneur reaching out to as many successful people as I could find. I was eager to learn as much as I possibly could.

It was always a wonder to me, how all these people drive traffic and make money.

As time went by, I caught a glimpse (a vision, if you will) of what was going on. I developed a few phenomenal mentors. As I learned more of what was going on, I began to apply everything into my own business.

Before I knew it, I was managing six figure monthly campaigns. At only 24, I was producing amazing profits through partner programs.

I always kept my age a secret back then, because I felt like if other companies knew how much money I was making at such a young age, they might become judgmental of me. My friends were still in college and where I was, making six figures a year on auto pilot, more or less, through SEO and PPC.

Today, I am currently the president of (DeWitt’s Media, Inc.). Since 2004, we have helped brands achieve explosive results by utilizing SEO, PPC, content marketing, and various other marketing strategies.

We have helped clients achieve top rankings for some of the most competitive keywords in their market. This includes keywords such as printing services, insurance quotes, and a variety of other competitive keywords.

In addition to SEO, we have also helped clients increase their pay per click revenues by as high as 1,900% while maintaining a solid and remarkable return of investment (ROI) increase by 300% to 400%.

Internally, we have owned numerous online product-based websites that have resulted in six figures a month. We were one of’s top partners, managing all of their SEO, PPC, display, etc. We have also worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Hobbies and Other Information:

During Tyler’s free time, he enjoys hiking and focusing on nutrition. He generally attends the gym five days a week, living a very disciplined life.

Tyler enjoys nutrition to the fullest, making sure he is eating a well-balanced diet six days a week. He also enjoys bodybuilding.

That said, the founder does enjoy some ice cream on a Saturday while enjoying some other not-so-healthy foods at a minimum.

Tyler DeWitt
Online Auto Insurance Marketing

Dewitt's worked closely with our unique needs to increase auto insurance quotes and sales through PPC and organic search engine optimization and exceeded my expectations!

Cesar Diaz

Search 3 W

Tyler from DeWitt Media is the professional you want in your link building team. Faster, accurate, Honest and the most important - Delivers

Elchanan Rotstain

Charles Neal Digital Marketing

Our experience with Dewitt's Media has been excellent and we highly recommend them. Just after a few months of consulting work with Dewitt Media we began to rise in search engine placement and our traffic grew exponentially. Dewitt's Media really does know the secrets of the SEO industry and we will continue to confide in their expertise every step of the way.

Charles Neal

Area Printing &

To schedule a consultation or to inquire about our services. You must have a minimum budget of $3,000 or more a month for 6 months minimum. Our typical client spends about $8,000 per month with our larger clients spending upwards of $50,000 per month for online marketing services. 

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