10X Your Content Campaigns by Combining Manual Outreach

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Video Podcast Transcription:

Hello, my name is Tyler DeWitt, President of DeWitt’s Media Incorporated. I am a national speaker. I spoke for DigiMarCon, Small Business University, and Small Business Expo, but mainly I focus on enterprise clients, huge global brands, national brands. So, I’m going to talk about how you can 10x your marketing campaigns by combining content creation with link building.  

Link building is the key driver into how well your content ranks. It’s been one of the most important elements ever since the beginning of Google days. Google used to disclose it. They used to tell you links were everything in SEO. Now they’re a little more secretive, but clearly links do contribute to your weighting factor still today. People with the best links will always rank the highest.  

We get so many clients that are creating content on their website, but they’re not building links. They’re not acquiring links. We even have clients that have a lot of good content in their site, and they still don’t have links. Well, somewhat good content, because if it was really good, then they would have a lot of links, right?  

The reality is a lot of your competitors are probably building links. If you’re searching on Google, and your competitors are always showing up before you even though you have every keyword in your title, every keyword in your content. If you still don’t rank for that keyword, that’s because your competitors have more authority.  

Maybe it’s domain age or links. Domain age plays a huge factor, but what plays the biggest factor is the links. That’s why you always need to combine manual outreach with content. If you don’t do manual outreach, chances of your content being seen is very slim when your competitors have a lot of links.  

So, how do you build links, or how do you get links? Well, you need great content. Let’s talk about two of the main linking strategies. We got blog reviews, guest posts, and resource link building. I say blog reviews and guest posts, they’re similar. So, resource link building is basically where you create content on your website, then you outreach to other websites and try to get them to link to that.  

So, say for example, a lot of sites in your industry are linking to other sites, your competitors, your other sites and your industry, have them linked to yours. Send them an email and ask them the link to your content. Then, you have the guest post. That’s where you go out and you, basically, find blogs that are relevant to your industry, and you pitch your content to them, see if they’ll link to you. You want to keep it commercial free though, but the way you get a link from that is usually to include that link into your bio, or somewhere in the page.  

You don’t want to try to pitch commercial content because most people are not going to be okay with it. They want something high quality and educational. What you can do is send them an email and say, “Hey, what kind of content are you looking for? We would like to contribute some content to your website,” and see what the reply is. You never know. Yeah, sure, you know, let’s see some examples of content that you’ve written. Show them say, “Hey, this is the kind of quality that I can produce. I have a great writer. We write on this content. We’re passionate about it and we would love to contribute to your site.” 

 In return, you’re trying to get some links. Also, you might also be building your thought leadership too. That can be a pointer because anytime people see where your brand, or you are contributing a lot of content out there. It makes you appear as more of an expert. Well, clearly you are if you’re writing the content, right? I hope so. So, those are some ways that you can build links.  

Remember, you need links. Your competitors are probably doing it or manual outreach, chances are they’re showing up for everything. It’s either one, they’ve been around for years, and they’ve gotten the links over time or two, they’re doing manual outreach, probably a little bit of both. You know, the reality is for new brands, new sites that never did link building, or even old sites that never did link building and they don’t have any links. It’s next to impossible for their content to show up when their competitors have all the links out there.  

You could just be working away producing content. And you’re not ranking, you’ve got to get some links somewhere down the road. So, that’s why manual outreach is important. That’s how you can really ramp your campaigns up and 10x your marketing operations. Be sure to subscribe to our channel. If you have any questions, feel free to schedule a consultation with us, thank you.