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A 3 Step Process to Mastering Content Creation

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Video Podcast Transcription:

Hello, Tyler DeWitt, here. So, I want to share a quick video and do a three-step process to mastering content creation. Let’s focus on the key drivers and what’s most relevant as I know some people like to speak and they go on and on and on and on.  

First, set up or use a tool like Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, or SEMrush. I would recommend Ahrefs, that’s my favorite tool. No particular reason, I just like it, it’s not as confusing as SEMrush. Google Ads Planner is very good, or Google Keyword Planner is very good too. So, use one of the tools that you prefer, and do a keyword research campaign to find out what people are asking on Google.  

Not only that, if you’re talking to your clients a lot, or customers, those two words can be used interchangeably. You’re talking to your clients a lot, they’re asking you certain questions over the phone, then that’ll give you an idea of what people are searching for on Google, along with the keyword research tools. So, you need to understand your audience as much as possible.  

Two. Once you do number one and you really dive in deep, you really understand what your audience is searching for and what they’re asking. Now it’s time to start creating the content. You want to create content that’s answering these people’s questions. You’ve got to think like your client, and you’ve got to understand them. You’ve got to answer their questions.  

During this process, when you’re creating content, you’re doing so much stuff for your brand. You’re creating engagement, you’re creating brand awareness, you’re driving demand. You’re just doing so many things that are so helpful for your brand.  

Three, writing. Hire an expert writer, somebody that can help you. An expert writer can really bring things up to par, really keep things at the par and help you write content that’s very catchy. And you can also give them a list of questions or say hey, give me 10 articles. Say you do a search on Google, and you ask the question, you see all these articles ranking really high. Send those links over to your writer and have your writer rewrite those but improve them.  

So, that is my three-step easy process to mastering content. Keep it simple, straightforward, and most important of all, keep your audience in mind. Remember, you’re out to answer their questions. If you do that you can never go wrong. You will always end up ahead in one way or another. Thank you.