Digital Marketing: Don’t Obsess Over Social Media

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Video Podcast Transcript:

Hello, Tyler DeWitt here.

This is a random video I decided to make about, Don’t Obsess Over Social Media, or even your followers.

Let me explain to you what I’m talking about. Having followers and a strong social media presence is definitely important. But it’s not as important as what you think that it would be or what some people believe that it to be. Just because you have a strong social media presence and you have thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers, doesn’t make you someone special. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to out compete, outrank, outsell, out position the competition.

Should you have a strong social media presence? Yeah, it’s definitely not going to hurt not having it. But let me illustrate an example here. I was interviewing a girl for a supplement product we have. I have experienced this, and I’ve come across this a lot. She has over 100,000 followers but she cannot even afford to pay her rent. I don’t want to sound like I’m degrading her, because I’m not. But I’m just giving you an example. That tells you right there, how can you have that many followers, but they are not buying anything through your Instagram? This comes back to engagement. Some people just follow stuff because they like your pictures. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to buy anything. Sometimes people hang out with people because they’re bored. It doesn’t mean they are boyfriend and girlfriend. There are several exampled that I could illustrate there.

Another example, my uncle is the Chief Executive Auditor of his company that has 7,000 employees. He has no social media presence. He’s continued to thrive and progress through his career. Clearly, he has a good salary.

You should kind of ask yourself, am I getting too caught up to social media? Some people feel peer pressure. They feel like they need a strong social media presence. They feel that if they have a lot of likes, their presence is strong on social media, they are doing something right. But they are not able to pay their rent, they are not making no money, and they are not selling products. You have to ask yourself, “What are you doing wrong? Why is it you are getting all these likes, all this engagement, but you are not selling anything?” If you are not selling anything and your bottom line is not fattening up each month (what you make each month, the profit, wealth, income), and it is not adding up, then something is not making sense. This can be several things. Maybe your followers are just more engaged in the pictures that you’re posting. The type of people you want engaging with your content are people that are loyal and that have the possibility to buy off of you. Be very careful how you are marketing yourself and how you are building your follower list. Having followers is good, right? You want to make sure they are engaged, your effort, your time, your money, whatever you are putting into your social channel is paying off.

The last thing you want to do is be on there every day, just posting to be posting, sharing pictures to gain more followers, but you are not getting any ROI from it. At the end of the day, it’s all about the bottom line, the money that you are putting into your bank account. Nothing else really matters. Unless if you just want to feel like a celebrity and you just want to feel better about yourself. Then you should ask yourself, “Is social media making me psychologically sick?”

You should really factor these elements into play. Social media can help, having a strong presence can help, but just make sure those people are engaged. Be careful how you’re building your followers and how you’re advertising yourself. Like I said in the example earlier, I had a girl that wanted to be a promoter, an endorser of our products for a brand that we own outside of my digital marketing agency, but I asked her questions along with some other people, “How many products are you selling per month?” They can’t answer it.

I’ve even come across people that can’t even afford to pay their rent, or they are struggling to make ends meet. And I know what it is, it’s just they are building a follower list up in the wrong way. That is why a lot of these companies, supplement, fashion, whatever it may be, are paying people on a commission base or based on a revenue share versus paying them per post. They’re not confident in their ability to drive sales. So, why pay someone $1,000 a post, $10,000 a post if you are not confident you are going to drive measurable ROI from that post? It all comes down to common sense and making sure you are utilizing yourself in a relevant way. Make sure those followers are engaging. You want your whole marketing process to collaborate. You want everything working together. That should be it, thank you.