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How Long Does It Take to Rank in Google?

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In this video, I go over how long it takes to rank in Google. The reality is there is no surefire answer although if you stay consistent results will come. You might start seeing results in under 3 months. There again, it really depends it could be 12+ months. What matters most you are staying consistent.

If you are a content producer, focus on doing what you love instead. This way you are constantly creating content and not so worried about when you are going to start getting results. The more passionate you are about a subject the more effort you will put into it. And best of all you might be one of those content producers that start seeing extraordinary results in under 6 months.

My final note to you, be the best in what you do or hire the best. You will have to put time or money into your content. Don’t expect your first content piece to go viral unless you are so called lucky. And most important of all, focus on creating content that will attract links. Links are everything in SEO.