Key Strategy On Building A High Performing Digital Marketing Team

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Video Podcast Transcript:

Hello, Tyler DeWitt here. I wanted to share this video for any Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, or Director that has an internal digital marketing team.

At DigiMarCon, we set up a Strategy Keynote Mastermind session. It was basically a keynote at the end, but we set up groups in the room. I talked about pay per click marketing. We took all the attendees and put them into a different group. We separated them into search network, shopping network, and display network. We told the attendees to map out a plan on what they were going to do better for their clients or their company that they work for. And how that was going to build a more profitable PPC campaign. How are they going to 10x their marketing operations?

After they got done with that, I came off the podium, walked up to all the tables with my microphone on still, and asked them, “What are you going to do better? How are you going to improve the performance, the total sales, the conversions?” They went over their plan on what they were going to do. Some people were more into AB testing, tighter ad groups. Basically, each group told me what they were going to do. There are several ways to think of this and do this. You can have 10 different groups and have them focus on shopping, display, and search. Or you can do individual groups, search, shopping, and display.

What we did, it worked very well. It got the attendees really thinking. I even heard an attendee at the end of the conference say, “That was the best part of the conference.” Another girl said that she was, “highly inspired.” Another person said they, “felt like they were really part of it.” And then, there was another person that said, “It got boring listening to the speakers speak for an hour.” But that Keynote Mastermind Strategy Session really set the tone and really got the audience thinking.

Once again, the reason that I’m sharing this is because I think that any company can take advantage of this and can apply this within your company. If you are a Vice President, a Director, or head of a team, you can put this into your own team, this same strategy. This gets people thinking. You get people out there and you get them thinking. And then, you provide them feedback. Once they tell you their strategy, you provide them feedback.

A lot of people are not AB testing. A lot of people are launching display ads, search ads, shopping ads with everything enabled. And that is what I had to come in there and clarify on how to do it better. They remapped that strategy and they thought of their strategy. As they were in their groups, they were all talking about, “Wait, he said this. No, he said this. Or to do this.” And the next thing you know, they are thinking, “No, this is what he said.” They got it right. At the end, we kind of went over all of it. They mapped that new strategy up and I provided feedback as I mentioned. It kind of really brought that alignment in. Everybody got thinking and it brought in the alignment. As I mentioned, after they left, they really felt it. Their mind was thinking. And that was the whole key.

The problem is, a lot of times when someone is speaking, the attendees are not thinking. If you are at your corporate meeting, or whatever you’re training employees and your speaking, that doesn’t necessarily mean your employees are actually listening or understanding what you’re saying. Some of them will just say, “Yes.” You have to put them down in groups, separate them, whatever, and tell them to map out a plan based on what you’ve taught them, or what they have read, and then provide feedback.

Hopefully this is making sense. Once again, I think any VP, Director of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer can use this strategy to highly accelerate their team. Thank you.