PPC Advantages Over SEO

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Video Podcast Transcription:

Hello, my name is Tyler DeWitt. So, we’re going to talk about the benefits of using Google Ads. We have search engine optimization too, but we’re going to mainly focus in on Google Ads. I’ll tell you the benefits of what you’ll get from utilizing Google Ads, and the advantages that it has over other additional channels, or over SEOs.  

With Google Ads, you can be very precise in your targeting, you’re paying on a cost-per-click basis. So, you’re paying for every visitor depending on your setup. And you can track conversions, which is highly important. In SEO, you can’t track conversions, like you can through PPC.  

For example, let’s say you’re a Los Angeles attorney, you set up a campaign to target Los Angeles attorney services. Well, you can track your conversions in your landing page, and you can A/B test those landing pages and the same for your products. So, say you have like 5000 SKUs.  

For example, we have a client that has over 10,000 SKUs in his ecommerce stores. Well, before we started our SEO campaign, we started the SEO and PPC at the same time, but we took the data from the PPC. Then we use that data towards the SEO. We knew that he had certain products that were converting really high, based on the visitors. Some products were converting at 2%, so for every 100 visitors only two people would buy.  

Then, he had some products that were converting at 8%. So, what we did was, we really worked on those high converting products that produce the most revenue at the highest conversion rate and optimize them on the SEO side. So, what you find working on PPC, put that into SEO.  

Other benefits of PPC are that you’re able to narrow in very specifically geographically, your audience, age, income; the options are endless. As you can see, Google Ads can be optimized a lot faster. Whereas Search Engine Optimization takes a lot longer. SEO is not a process that will deliver results immediately like PPC, but it will deliver results.  

They both have their ups and downs. Google Ads can just really be very granular. That’s one major upside that it has. It costs money, but if you have someone that knows what they’re doing, or you hire the right person that understands Google Ads, chances are you will get results. Those are the main benefits of Google Ads over SEO. Thank you.