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Video Podcast Transcription:

Hello, Tyler DeWitt, here. So, I wanted to go over reinventing your digital marketing strategy. I get accounts all the time where their campaigns are not scaling, it’s not working, things are not working as well as they were six months ago or a year before.  

So, reinventing your digital marketing, you need to keep in mind that the Internet changes very fast. You’ve got to stay consistent and persistent in changing your strategy. You can’t keep approaching it from the same way. A lot of people will set up a PPC campaign, they let it run, it’s doing well, and then they walk away from it. Then three, six months down the road when their digital marketing team, or executive, or whoever’s overseeing it, takes their focus off of it. Next thing you know, things start going downhill really fast.  

Just like search engine optimization has changed a lot over the years. Clearly, the key element to search engine optimization is content, right? Well, there’s other elements that come into play, and you need to remember that things change.  

The way that people used to build links back in 2010-2015. They’re no longer doing it that way anymore. People are utilizing different link building strategies. They’re producing different types of content. Video has become big. Video is becoming bigger and bigger.  

Look at podcasts. Why do you think that we’re setting up a podcast right now? Because podcasts are growing every year and you need to stay on those trends. Maybe your company business needs to set up a podcast, so you have to consistently re-innovate your strategy. You have to stay ahead because if you don’t your digital marketing is going to fall behind. 

Another example is PPC. A lot of people will set up ads, and they let them run, but they don’t change the ads up. The same ad only works so long before it starts underperforming because your competitors are consistently changing their messaging, their texts in their ads or their images. So, you have to consistently stay ahead because the way that people communicated two years ago, the type of messaging that they were using in their advertising will not work two years down the road. 

 Say for example, I’m running an ad today or a company is running an ad, and you’re using a certain type of messaging. That messaging is not going to work a year or two years down the road. You have to consistently find better ads. You have to consistently reinvent your strategy. The same thing with Facebook, Facebook changes consistently.  

So, don’t believe in set it, let it run or whatever you want to call it. Staying persistent and consistent by reinventing your strategy will keep you ahead. You always have to try new things, email marketing, new subject lines, new copy in the email. You can’t continue sending the same email out and out and out for six to 12 months down the road expecting that email to convert like it did a few years before.  

How can you stay ahead? There are several ways that you can stay ahead. Focus on your industry trends. Get on Google, start searching, see what people are searching, use your keyword research tools, watch videos, read books that are up to date, attend conferences that are in your industry, trade shows, therefore you know what’s going on out there. Take surveys from your customers or your clients. Surveys are an excellent way to gain more insight on how people are thinking because if you can understand your customer, your client, more you understand how they’re going to be thinking 6-12 months down the road. That’s the way you need to approach your digital marketing.  

You need to think not for today, but what’s going to happen six to 12 to 18 months to two years, even five years down the road because a lot of people fail. We know there’s even times people will get so stuck on selling certain products and services because they’re working so well. They’ve become so accustomed, and they fall in love with those products or services because they’re doing so well. Then they fail to reinvent and stay ahead by pushing new products or services, or differentiating themselves in some way. So, these are some important factors you need to keep in mind. Thank you.