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Why You Should Delegate Your Digital Marketing

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Video Podcast Transcription:

Hello, Tyler DeWitt, here. So, let’s talk about delegating your digital marketing, and why you should delegate it. A lot of times people get into their campaigns, or they start a campaign online, they set up a new store, they might even have an existing store, whatever it may be, and the owner thinks that they should do everything. Clearly large companies have all the staff they need, but even if you’re smaller, you should really allocate your digital marketing to someone else.  

I meet people, owners, of companies that are 10 to 20 employees and they’re still managing their PPC, and half the time, they don’t even know what they’re doing, and the results are mediocre. So, don’t be one of these people. Focus on hiring someone that knows what they’re doing. You should always work with an agency. You don’t keep everything internal. The reason being, an agency will bring in skills to your business that you don’t have internally.  

A lot of times, people will build a digital marketing team internally; They hire a lot of junior interns and a manager, but their scope only goes so far. I’ve actually taken on accounts myself that supposedly, these companies knew what they were doing. Their digital marketing team was the best in the world, but their marketing was mediocre they were not getting the results that they wanted.  

All this comes back to their so-called senior level marketer who was not completely aware of everything. You know, you get someone out there that slaps a title on someone as a senior level marketer who has five years of experience, and they really don’t know what they’re doing. Let me tell you, some of the top-searched entrepreneurs out there are people that are independent. You know, it’s been around for a while.  

For example, back in my early 20s, I was a top partner of Insurance.com. Actually, by the time I was 24, producing over $100,000 a month in affiliate commissions. And I started from a very small investment, and I quickly scaled that. I ran a supplement company very successfully too.  

So, what I’m saying is, you really need someone that has an entrepreneurial mindset that understands what’s going on in your digital marketing campaign. I’m all for hiring good employees. There are good employees out there. There are people that are very aware of what’s going on. I mean, clearly, we have to have employees, right? But my point is, you need a high-level consultant. Even if you have to bring in a consultant, at $5000 a month, you know, $2500-$5,000 a month, to help your internal teams scale I would do it.  

Don’t be so biased about your decision making. A lot of companies will get into this biased state of mind where they’re like, we’ve got to hire someone that loves rock climbing because they’re selling rock climbing related accessories, or tools, or whatever it may be, or they have to love hunting. So, we’re only going to hire someone that loves hunting. You know, you have to think outside that. Don’t be biased on the people that you hire. I mean, it’s nice that you want to hire someone that’s passionate about hunting, bodybuilding, whatever it may be, but keep the results in mind.  

For example, when we owned our supplement company, we still sell supplements, but the type of people that we hire in the supplement industry, we prefer to hire people that are passionate. We know at the same time that we need to hire people that have the appropriate skills. Clearly, we’re not going to find a programmer. Well, I mean, we probably could, but it’s really hard to find a programmer that’s passionate about bodybuilding. They might like it, they might have interest in it, but you know. Then we have some writers that are really good, that write really good content, that’s about fitness or health related. They’re not totally into it like maybe some other people are, but what we value most is their skill.  

So back to what I was saying is, if you’re not a digital marketing agency, I should say if you’re not the CEO of a digital marketing agency. If that’s not your specialty, and you’re just running an ecommerce, like a fashion brand, or you sell some type of products, or you offer a service, you’re an attorney, whatever it may be, hire a consultant, or let an outside agency manage it. Usually, an agency will always come with a consultant, or you can find a consultant that will help your internal teams scale. Especially if you’re hiring people that have less than five years’ experience, that are not entrepreneurs.  

You need an entrepreneur working with you because an entrepreneur is going to really help your business scale, and he’s going to help you make the right decisions. You know, as mentioned earlier, we take on accounts all the time that are underperforming. We’re able to triple, if not quadruple, their monthly sales, just by making corrections, consulting and overseeing the account. So, that’s all I want to say. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and we’ll keep these videos coming. Thank you.