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The KEY Drivers of High Quality Content

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In this video, I go over the key drivers of keeping your content engaging. There is too much mediocre content out there now days. Most people enter a site then they exit right away.

In the early days of the internet, people would visit a page and buy or read right away. Today, it’s like everyone online has ADHD. They just don’t keep their attention on anything.

So, you have to find a way to differentiate yourself and keep your audience’s attention. You do this by focusing on the key drivers. The key drivers are to keep their attention, stay relevant, and focus on what matters most. When you focus on what matters most, you are focusing on what your audience wants.

When I am speaking in the masterclasses on digital marketing. I always tell myself to keep it on point and focus on what matters. They usually give me about 50/60 minutes to talk. At times, I will get done in 30 minutes because I do not want to confuse the audience. By covering too much on a given topic, they are not sure what or what not to apply. I share what is most important during the given time.

Watch the video to learn more.